Coronavirus Watch 7: Chinese Watch Sales Back Online?

Those of you following Chinese watch sales, please note: on March 12, posted ‘Revenge Spending’ Spurs Chinese Luxury Rebound From Virus. While writers Robert Williams and  Jinshan Hong weren’t exactly singing Happy Days Are Here Again, they weren’t not singing it either. Like this . . .

Coronavirus Watch 6: Watch Dealers Trumped?

After more than three years of the President’s puddle of consciousness ranting and copious displays of ignorance, misstatements, wishful thinking, fabrications and egomania, the mainstream media still can’t resist trying to hold the Commander-in-Chief accountable for his words (and ignoring his accomplishments). They’re like cocaine-addicted mice hammering on the drug release bar as they wither … Continue reading “Coronavirus Watch 6: Watch Dealers Trumped?”

Coronavirus Watch 4: Swiss Watches Nosediving

The Swiss Watch Federation has released its February export report. As you’d expect, the news isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it’s tsunamis and tornadoes. While is busy repeating the Communist Party line – Chinese shoppers are returning to the stores! – the stats indicate it’s the not even the beginning of the … Continue reading “Coronavirus Watch 4: Swiss Watches Nosediving”